State Delays eXPRS Implementation and Employment Rate Changes to Fall 2014

Late Friday afternoon (05.30.2014), Interim DD Director Trisha Baxter released the following statement to the I/DD community:

“As you are aware we have many priorities that we are focusing on, all with a July 1 implementation date. We have heard from many of you that these converging priorities are causing angst, stress and strain on you, and on the system. We, as well, are discovering the complexities of handling so many moving parts all at once.  As such, based upon feedback from many of you and weighing our internal priorities and commitments with SEIU, CMS and others, we have come up with the following strategy to delay portions of the work and to stage implementation in a more manageable way.  Additional information will be coming out over the coming weeks about the details behind these strategies so please pay close attention to emails and other communications over the coming days.

First, July 1 is a milestone for new employment services to be offered. These services are included in the Medicaid waivers that will be submitted for approval with a July 1 effective date. These new services will still be offered as of July 1. July 1 was also a targeted date for implementation of a new rate structure for employment services for both the comprehensive and support service system. The new rate structure will be finalized next week, however, at the request of multiple providers, we will hold off on implementation of those rates, with the exception of the rates for the new services, until September 1, 2014. The new services, which include Discovery and Job Development will be paid at the new outcome based rates. All other services will continue to be paid at the current, daily rate. This additional time will allow providers of employment services an opportunity to analyze how the new rates will apply to their service arrays. Additional information about the rate transition schedule, and expectations for tracking, billing and reporting of services provided during July and August will be coming shortly.

Additionally, we have been challenged to provide training to the large number of personal support workers, CDDP and Brokerage staff, and other providers on the new plan entry and claims process within the eXPRS system. In order to allow more time for training and other associated activities, we are delaying the implementation of Plan of Care functionality to September 1, 2014 as well. We will be working with partners, including SEIU and providers, to develop an implementation plan from September 1 forward, beginning with employment services. The delayed schedule and restaging of activities is important to assure successful implementation, but it does not deter or alter the strategic or programmatic outcomes the changes are designed to achieve.

There is much work to be done over the upcoming months to ensure that individuals experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities continue to receive services and that those providing the services are paid accordingly. We thank all of you for your continued work with us as we pull together plans for full implementation. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.”  – Trisha Baxter


8 thoughts on “State Delays eXPRS Implementation and Employment Rate Changes to Fall 2014

  1. Is the status of Independent Contractor being pushed out so Union can charge dues; are they re-defining our job description ?

      • Hi Marilyn,

        Sorry for the delay in responding. To the best of our knowledge, once TNT FI takes over payment on July 1st (and they will pay for anything SUBMITTED from that day forward, regardless of whether the work occurred before July 1st or not,) union dues will be removed from all Personal Support Worker pay. That includes pay to Independent Contractor PSWs. (Read more about the change here:

        Since ICs are technically independent entities, they will continue to use contracts with customers, not job descriptions. I am not aware of any changes planned to the language of contracts between ICs and brokerage customers.

        I hope that helps clarify. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

        – Larry Deal, OSSA Communications Director

      • Thanks Larry
        Will the 3rd party , w hold taxes. Even if we are. I C. PSW

        Will unio dues be. Retroactive to what date.

      • I don’t believe that TNT will withhold any taxes, no. I haven’t heard if there will be any sort of retroactive dues withheld or not. I’ll send an email to the folks at the State and see what I can find out. Will post back here any info I obtain.

      • I am a ic psw with Eossb. What, if anything, does lndependence northwest. Have To do with me ?

  2. I’d like to invite Marilyn and anyone else interested in following IC-PSW issues to join the PSWs of Oregon facebook group, where there is currently an active discussion in process on this subject:

    Also this new PSW-ICs group, which may increasingly become the focus of discussions on preserving the IC classification:

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