An Update on Systems Vision and Direction from Brokerage Association President Margaret Theisen

On Monday, November 10, 2014, Kathryn Weit, OSSA Executive Director and I participated in a vision and values discussion organized by the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services and the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities. Later in the day I stopped on the way home for groceries and when asked how my day was by the clerk, I said my day was excellent.  I can’t recall the last time I said that about work!  I surprised myself with that comment.

We spent an entire day discussing and refining the language for the values and vision statements that will be used to guide the system that provides services to people with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities. The people attending the meeting represented all parts of the DD system, including State staff, and all were highly engaged, respectful and positive. It was the first meeting with a constituent group in my recent memory that was not dominated by complaints, whining, and finger pointing.

We don’t have final outcomes on vision or values statements, but within a week we will have the vision statement and we will have values work after that.  I feel very inspired by the day, and I am eager to see the final vision product by the work group.  When that is done later this week, final definition of the values statements we worked on will go forward.  I am on that work group with 6 people including Lilia Teninty, the State DD Director. Finalized, these statements will be shared widely and used to guide future decision making.

Next steps include scheduled discussions on Medicaid and the K Plan with Robin Cooper, an expert on these issues from The National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services in Washington DC. Once we increase our knowledge base with, and understanding of Medicaid and K, Lilia plans to pull together groups to address specific topical areas beginning with case management.

I think Lilia is very much on track and as always, Bill Lynch’s facilitation was important and focused.  While our work didn’t address many of the day-to-day issues we are struggling with, I feel more confidence in our direction than I have in over two years!  I think Monday was a great start to a different/better future!

Margaret Theisen, OSSA President


2 thoughts on “An Update on Systems Vision and Direction from Brokerage Association President Margaret Theisen

  1. This is exciting news!!! With so many involved, it would be nice if everyone remains on the same page; thats where things seem to get lost in translation. One question is asked to someone directly then asked to another and the answers are different. As an Independent Contractor, I try to stay in the loop of what is going on because, lets face it…time, it is a-changin’! Looking forward to seeing what is coming down the pipeline; I am excited to see that it is the individual that the focus is on rather than the politics of the game. These are lives we are dealing with; we impact so much with the decisions we make for them everyday, it needs to be for their best interest and not our convenience!!!!

    Thank you for sharing!

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