The Oregon Support Services Association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. OSSA incorporated in December of 2010.

The Oregon Support Services Association represents and supports its members: community organizations that support people with disabilities.

We envision a world in which all people live the life they choose in a community where they are valued, respected, and honored. In this world, individual strengths are celebrated; high quality supports are ample and readily available; labels are absent; and self determination is universal. This vision is realized from neighbor to legislator.

We believe in self determination for the people we support including:

  • Freedom to choose a meaningful life in the community
  • Authority over the supports and the money that is spent
  • Support to organize resources in ways that are life enhancing and meaningful to the individual with a disability
  • Responsibility for the wise use of public dollars and recognition of the contribution individuals and families make to their communities
  • Confirmation of the central role individuals and families have in leadership and change

We promote, assure and protect the integrity of Support Services for Adults in Oregon by:

  • Working collaboratively within the association
  • Working cooperatively with our partners
  • Sharing resources and best practices
  • Engaging in strategic system development
  • Listening and being responsive to the complex needs of our customers
  • Empowering our customers, partners, and the community through education
  • Listening and promoting self advocacy
  • Developing resources and new services


  • We will advocate for funding and policies that promote our vision
  • We will actively work against the erosion of self directed services in Oregon
  • We will support our customers to be heard and involved on all levels
  • We will assure support services will be customer driven and result in the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • We will support each other to assure and promote the highest quality of services
  • We will continue to be innovators in the design of support services

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